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Toys continued

excerpt from a Facebook post yesterday: What if people could download free source code to 3D print their own alphabet figurines?

It's an idea I've had that began to have me last weekend going to Mini-Maker Faire. A series of random connections led me to meeting with the friendly folks at Talus Design Inc. We talked about how I could build my 3D models (which I sometimes do for charater consistency) and then have them scan them in. I could then fine tune in a 3Dmodeler and output a file that could then be shared. There are shops like Talus opening all over where the figurines could be printed or I was surprised to find out you could print and build your own printer - and print as many of them as you like - print all 26, spell your name, new doodad for your monitor.

Why free? Marketing of the book. And I'd like to see what's possible in this new technology and participate in the DIY world. And, and I liked playing with Letter A in clay as opposed to just drawing. I'll have to get some sculpey and try that. I think I'll be able to achieve a lot more detail. A new pair of glasses would probably help too!!! I swear! Can't see a damn thing!

This series of photos is such that I'd like to have on the website for the book. I plan to really document each step and share as much as possible. Everyone has a story in them. I'd like to facilitate the means of expression of it. This book is my vehicle.

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