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I have had the idea of little figurines of each of the letter characters. As is the way when you're in the flow, I met some folks this weekend that may be the head of one of the tributaries of the project stream. I was at a book signing Sunday for a local author, Kevin Byrne. I'd done the illustrations for his book, "MS & E". One of the people I met had just come from the Mini-Maker's Faire. I LOVE mini-maker's faire!! That's the spirit I like to see and be a part of.

I wrote to thank him. He'd given me his card. Turns out it was his son's card who has a 3D printing business. I met with them today. What I'd like to do is create the clay models of each letter to use as reference for the drawings. I see having them scanned in, creating 3d objects of them, then offering up the sourcecode for download so people could print their own toys. Did you know you can essentially print and build your own 3d scanner and printer? Holy moly!! That's cool!

Anyway, more on this to come. First step is getting the campaign successfully completed. I know it's done well in its first 12 days. I'd feel more comfortable with just a 1000 to go or going on to gravy for the cost of scanning such items, developing a website, etc. etc. Full of ideas. First the book.

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