I am a professional illustrator, animator, designer and director


My success is a product of my credo:
Do my best work always.
Get the work done on time and on budget.
Be professional and fun to work with. 

I manage projects from start to finish.

  • Communication with client collecting vision, budget, timeline, audience information and projected outcome

  • Assemble and organize talent, establish job flow mechanisms

  • Conceptualize and create presentations in image, animatics or storyboards

  • Engage in client review

  • Create assets - Illustrate, animate, shoot video, edit video, edit audio, build motion graphics

  • Engage in client review, assess and make edits

  • Output to all print mediums and digital platforms

“Nathan is Mr. Classy Creative. Tell him your vision or ask him to design something to look like or say this or that... and poof! You are sure to be delighted with the outcome. He will gladly make changes without fuss or hurt feelings as his only desire is to get it right.”

- Vee Boeholt - teacher, librarian, author

Kids are the best audience to create for and I've done it!

  • I have illustrated nearly 50 children’s story and activity books

  • I have designed games

  • I have designed ebooks

  • I worked with teachers across the state of Texas while on the Texas Commission on the Arts Performance Roster sharing how a children’s book is made with 1000s of kids

  • I’ve met with children around the globe with my virtual school visit program

  • I wrote and Illustrated, “My Adventures in Alphabetland”- a book about learning the ABCs. 

I do well creating for adults too.

  • I worked on all three of Richard LInklater’s animated feature films, “Waking LIfe”, “A Scanner Darkly” and “Apollo 10 1/2”

  • I was music video animation director for the Warner Bros artist Caleb Kane

  • I was animation director for Robert Krulwich in the PBS series, "Our Genes our Choices".

  • I served 4 years on the board of the Austin Visual Arts Association

  • I managed full video production for the YouTube channel Sacred Sound and Soul

  • I created promotional marketing videos and web content for -”The Book of LIght” published by Red Wheel/Weiser

  • I have studied and practice “Nonviolent Communication”

I'm an abundance of ideas
with the gumption and the know how to make them happen.


“Nate was super to work with - always a big smile, helped and supported other team members, nailed every style we set him to. His timesheet organization and navigation of the file managementsystem was fantastic. It really helped on such a global project.

- Erik Surpless -  team lead, “Apollo 10 1/2”

  • I am tech savvy

  • I’ve been working with Photoshop and Illustrator since their release

  • I’m quick to learn software

  • I’m skillful at integrating elements from a variety of applications

  • Currently exploring creating in Augmented Reality andVirtual Reality

Would you like to learn more?


I would like to join your team
and be your next Associate Art Director