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The stage artwork and augmented reality original art pieces of
Eleanor O'Brien's

Plan V
Pussy Parables & Epiphanies

are available for acquisition.
Please contact Nate Jensen.


To view Augmented Reality enhancement,

  • Scan QR code

  • or visit this website

  • Allow camera

  • Point mobile at painting

  • Try pinching and expanding fingers

8code (20).png

Ideally viewed on actual oil painting


To view Augmented Reality paintings

  • Scan QR code

  • Allow camera

  • Try pinching and expanding fingers and swiping with one or two

If viewing page on mobile and can't scan, you can visit


These smaller yoni paintings were originally shown at Stand Up Smut - An Erotic Open Mic where Eleanor O'Brien and I met in person for the first time. Love blossomed from there. They now include the link to the PLAN V website currently in production. 

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